Call recording – 5 benefits of recording calls

Is the customer always right? Well, that is a topic that can be discussed back and forth. But that you always have to listen to the customer, that is something that most entrepreneurs probably agree on.

The importance of listening to your customers probably does not come as news to someone who runs a successful business. If you listen to your customers, you can often get very good inspiration and important knowledge about how to change and develop your products.

But when the phone calls are pouring in, it can be difficult to gather what the customer has said while at the same time making sure that your colleagues handle the customer according to company regulations. Then call recording can be a savior, in times of need.

Crash course – what is call recording?

Call recording is a software that records phone calls, both incoming and outgoing. You can choose whether you want to record all calls or just some selected ones. These conversations then end up in a portal where you can search for, listen to and evaluate conversations.

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So, what are the biggest benefits of having a call recording service?

1 Basis for decision-making

Unfortunately, those who are decision makers rarely have any customer contact, especially not at larger companies. Here, a call recording service can help managers and decision makers gain a better understanding of their customers, their personalities and their needs. By being able to quantify and analyse customers’ choices and actions, you can make qualitative decisions, based on facts instead of guesses.

The same applies to those who did not choose to become customers. Here, too, it is important to understand why, for example, they declined an offer. Where in the conversation did it come to and end? Is there a common denominator because the call did not end in a sale? This type of information is invaluable to a decision maker.

2 Educational purpose for your staff

How do you handle an angry customer? And how do you turn a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied customer? These are questions that can easily be talk about hypothetically, with a new colleague, but many times the reality does not match the hypothesis. Here it can be much more instructive to listen to actual conversations. Both those who went well and those who went badly. It will give the new colleague a much better picture of how to best handle a difficult situation.

But call recording is not only good to have for educational purposes when it comes to learning to handle difficult conversations. Even things like tone of voice, tempo and wording can be more easily taught if the new employee is allowed to listen to conversations from reality.

3 Quality assurance

With call recording, you can easily go in and sample how your agents are performing. Do they have time to tell the customers about promotions and offers? Are they friendly and accommodating?

If an agent receives a complaint, it is easy to find out what went wrong in the communication between the customer and the agent.

Many companies and industries also have regulations and rules that must be followed. Especially in the financial market. Then sometimes a call recording can be a must.

4 Verbal agreements and deals

Call recording is a perfect service to have when it comes to verbal agreements and deals, done over the phone. Partly in the case of general insurance that agreements are kept, but especially in the event of disagreements and disputes. What was really agreed upon? Did one of the parties who misunderstood or was something unclear. Call recording can help solve such problems in a quick and easy fashion.

5 Understand your customers and get important customer data

Who are your customers, really? Many companies work with hypothetical personas as a starting point for various decisions regarding marketing and product development. Imagine if you could, instead, start from real customers with real wishes, complaints and praise. Call recording makes this possible.

With call recording, you can also analyse your customers’, or potential customers’, behavior and then use this to control how your employees can adapt to customers’ expectations.

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A service for recording calls can help you and your colleagues to a better customer understanding, quality assurance and contract security. Want to read more about Soluno’s own call recording service? Then you will find more information here:

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