Experienced finance professional becomes new CFO of Soluno

Jane Carlgren took over as CFO of Soluno BC on 1 January 2018. She has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of economics and finance from her previous roles in large and medium-sized companies. “Given her strong background and expertise, Jane will be a great asset to Soluno, both strategically and in day-to-day operations,” says Mattias Ohde, CEO of Soluno BC.

Jane Carlgren began her career in the finance industry with Kinnevik during its tough years in the 90s. She later moved to Åhléns and then to Telefos, where she gained equivalent experience in two other industries. In order to grow and develop her skills, Jane Carlgren took on much broader leadership roles, including HR, advanced financial management and accounting, and corporate formalities.    

– “We have succeeded in recruiting a highly competent specialist in business strategies, budgeting and leadership development. We are delighted to welcome Jane on board,” says Mattias Ohde.

The main reasons why Jane Carlgren accepted the position of CFO at Soluno are the company’s professionalism at both ownership and management levels, and that its product is highly relevant and thus really changes the market and not just the business.

– “Soluno is undertaking an exciting journey which is seeing us expand in Sweden and internationally. Jane brings invaluable experience to our business having been involved in similar development processes in other companies, for example, when Tail-f Systems AB went from being a start-up to being bought by the conglomerate Cisco,” says Mattias Ohde.

Her track record from the past twelve years of broad CFO roles in major companies undergoing processes of change is also worth its weight in gold.

– With a future exit in sight, Jane understands the need to have financial affairs organised and in order, and in particular the importance of making sure that all routines, formalities and history are thoroughly documented. The fact that she is also a solutions-oriented person may prove to be an excellent complement to our management team, which has a stronger focus on sales and marketing activities. It will be an advantage when we take the next step.

SEB Private Equity is a strong principal owner. SEB has therefore managed a lot of the financial matters following on from the successful merger of Solus BC and Uno Telefoni into Soluno BC, which has resulted in the new company now having in excess of 100,000 individual business users of its cloud-based communication solutions. Jane Carlgren believes that the company should take charge of these financial matters again. In addition, the plan is to develop the administration processes, routines and systems to enable growth to continue at its current rapid pace.

– “The focus has to be on understanding the business in order to be able to analyse and forecast performance, and also fulfil the obligations under the contracts with the bank, in terms of both formalities and results,” says Jane Carlgren.

For more details, please contact:
Mattias Ohde, CEO, +46 31 352 40 03, mattias.ohde@dstny.se
Joachim Brandt, CCO, +46 31 352 40 45, joachim.brandt@dstny.se

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