Headset – all you need to know when choosing a headset for your Softphone

As fixed PBX system, you know the ones who stood in the basement gathering dust, have begun to be phased out, the classic desk phone has also had to take a step back from the limelight. Cloud-based telephony can of course be paired with IP telephones, desk telephones that are connected to the Internet instead of in a telephone jack, but more and more choose instead to call via a softphone, a software that turns the computer into a telephone.

And that’s how we slip into today’s topic, namely headsets. Because if you want to get the best possible experience with your softphone, you need the right headset. So what to consider when buying a headset for your softphone?

Headset with USB sockets

There are plenty of headsets, with 3.5mm sockets, which you can buy get a cheap price. Although many of these work perfectly okay, they are often not optimal. These often have poor sound quality and very limited usage. A headset with a USB socket is what you should invest in if you want to get a good sound quality and user experience in your Softphone. The sound quality of these headsets is usually significantly better, you avoid disturbing noise and jarring sounds. In addition, functions with answer and volume buttons usually work better with USB headsets.

The difference between UC and MS headsets

It is important to find a headset that has the right software for your particular Softphone. You may have come across the terms UC or MS when looking for different headsets? UC stands for Unified Communications, and it is on the software that Solunos Softphone is built on. MS is instead Microsoft’s equivalent. If you have am office phone system that is built on a UC software, then a UC headset is much more compatible than an MS headset.

Should you choose a wireless headset or with a cord?

It can be super nice to have a wireless headset, so you can move around the room while talking on the phone. But if you want a wireless headset, it may be good to first check how many others have wireless headsets in your office. If you have too many people with a wireless headset, all DECT signals (those connecting the headset to their base station) can knock each other out. If you are many in the same room that have wireless headsets, it may be good to consider which ones actually need it and which ones can handle a corded headset.

One must also keep in mind that a wireless headset needs to be recharged, every now and then. If you are a person who forgets such a thing, maybe it is good to consider a headset with a cord instead.

Correct settings in your Softphone

If you have a new headset, you may need to make some settings in your Softphone for the software to find your headset.

1. Open your Softphone.
2. Click on Tools.
3. Click Settings.
4. Select audio and then headset.

There you can choose your headset in the drop down menu.

Some headsets also have software that you can download to your computer for full functionality.


Which headsets does Soluno recommend?

We at Soluno recommend our customers to get a UC headset. Then you get a hardware that is compatible with our software. We recommend the Plantronics brand. Headsets from Plantronics can our staff support if you need help with settings etc.

Below is a list of headsets that we recommend.

Plantronics Savi W420

Savi 400 series lightweight and comfortable headset with a good noise canceling microphone and good sound quality. They have a range of up to 90 meters. A good headset for those who want to experience wireless freedom and good call quality in the office simply.

– Wireless DECT headset to computer via the supplied USB adapter
– Up to 7 hours of talk time
– Up to 90 meters range
– Lightweight DECT headset
– Noise-canceling microphone
– Answer button, volume adjustment & privacy button directly on the headset
– SoundGuard DIGITAL that protects against any sound exceeding 118 dBA, keeps the average sound level below 85 dBA and cuts sound spikes

headset plantronics

Plantronics 5210 Blackwire mono/ Plantronics 5220 Blackwire stereo 

With the Blackwire 500 series, you get cord-connected reliability. The Blackwire 500 series intuitively handles computer calls and multimedia, audio signals that handle volume status, mute and connect. Good noise canceling microphone and noise reduction to focus better. Works for both mobile & computer and you can choose between USB and USB-C.

– Comfortable with spring cushion on the headband
– Lightweight headset made to be worn all day without problems
– High passive noise reduction through soft enclosing ear pads
– Response button, volume adjustment & privacy button directly on the cord
– Submersible microphone boom for user enjoyment
– Dynamic EQ that automatically adjusts audio to multimedia / call
– SoundGuard DIGITAL that protects against any sound exceeding 118 dBA, keeps the average sound level below 85 dBA and cuts sound spikes
– Available in both mono & stereo and USB & USB-C

headset plantronics

Plantronics Blackwire C710 mono

The Blackwire C710 gives you a versatile UC headset. With the Blootooth connection to mobile phones and tablets, the Blackwire C710 delivers high quality computer sound. This is a headset that has smart sensor technology that answers calls automatically when you put on the headset. It also has a detachable cable so you can freely take the call wherever you are in the office. Thus, the reliability of a corded device is combined with the freedom of a wireless headset.

– The Blackwire 700 series combines the reliability of the cord with wireless flexibility
– Smart Sensor ™ technology Answer a call simply by placing it on the ear
– Advanced noise reduction, DSP, broadband PC audio, and hi-fi stereo sound
– With the detachable cable you can take your mobile calls throughout the office.
– With up to 10 hours of talk time and 10 days of standby time. 6 hours with A2DP
– SoundGuard (PC only) protection against sound shock at 105db.
– Windows and Mac OS compatible
– Connects to PC via USB, mobile or tablet via bluetooth

As a Soluno customer, you can always contact your seller or our support if you have questions about which headset you should choose or if you want help with orders.

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