Our OPEN MIND:ER Andreas Callmar

  1. Name: Andreas Callmar
  2. Nickname: Callmar
  3. Department: Produkt
  4. Role: Product Owner Carrier Services

4 quick questions

  1. Lunchbox or lunch out? Lunch out or in depending on the calendar, but never lunchbox.
  2. IPA or Lager? Both, depending on the situation. A cold Carlsberg Export shouldn’t be underestimated, especially not in an outdoor seating!
  3. Hockey or football? Football of course! I’ve never been a fan of Hockey, it’s Hawaii football times 200. Just feels braindead!
  4. Android or iOS? I’ve tried both, but now I use Apple in everything from mobiles to computers and other nice to have things!

The role and Soluno

  1. What do you do in your role? Renew, refine, destroy! Renewing our offer, refining our current services and destroying all the bad products. 
  2. Why did you start working at Soluno? Due to knee injuries my term contract at a previous employer was terminated. In other words I needed a new job, but I’ve stayed for 8 years thanks to colleagues, mood and personal development!
  3. What is the craziest thing you’ve experienced at work? Superimpose a sunny day in the beginning of July, the 3rd of July to be exact. It’s perfectly warm, summer has just begun, and there’s a nice breeze. The clock is ticking closer to 15, you put on your Sweden shirt over your dress shirt and get ready. Twenty something Soluno colleagues walk down to the pub in Hammarby Allé, luckily we’ve booked a table because it’s packed and friends from other places are reporting the same. Sweden-Switzerland. 16:00 sharp we play our first round of 16 in football-VM since 2006 (that unfortunately ended in a loss). We talk, laugh and cheer with preferred alcoholic beverage and the clock hits 16:00 and now the focus is on the TV. A painfully boring game to watch but you’re glued to the TV, will we make it? In the 66th minute Forsberg takes a shot at a pass of Toivonen about a meter outside of Swiss penalty area and with a little help from a Swiss leg belonging to Manuel Akanji, we see the ball sail up in the goalkeeper’s right intersection. Euphoria! All of the sudden we become emotional neanderthals again. Will it last all the way? – Yes it wilL! Sweden is in the quarter final for the first time since EM 2004. The afternoon turns to evening, and the euphoria lasts all night and no one wants to go home, and till this day I insist that I’ve never been happier since football VM 2018. 
  4. What do you look forward to this spring? I’m hoping for a great football year with Champions League – the end game that starts in February and is topped off with Football EM in the beginning of summer. 
  5. What motivates you at work? Self-development – What do I want and what knowledge/tools do I need to get there? 
  6. Favourite colleague? The one I had a beer with last, so I’d say it varies from time to time. 
  7. Tips for Soluno newcomers? Go ahead and put your best foot forward. The only way to earn people’s respect is to give it all you’ve got and prove you’re worth keeping around! 

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