Soluno BC expands with new partnership manager for domestic market

Jonas Engelin took over as SolunoBC’s new partnership operations manager on 12 February. SolunoBC sells communication solutions in the Swedish market through a large dealer network with a wide geographical spread. Coming from a long background in the telecommunications industry and with extensive experience from similar roles, Jonas Engelin will have overall responsibility for the business area’s strategy and sales. SolunoBC is thus expanding an already strong team with the vision of growing its partnership operations and shaping the best possible conditions for sales for the country’s 70 or so partners.

Most recently, Jonas Engelin worked at Telavox and he brings considerable experience from his years at telecommunication giants like Telia and Samsung, where he has worked with partnership operations since 2009. From his previous positions, Jonas has acquired in-depth knowledge and understanding of business development and the specific working practices required to drive good relationships and business forward.

– “We have had our eye on Jonas for some time and are confident that we have recruited exactly the right candidate who brings an impressive drive and skill set to our business. We also know that Jonas has a good reputation among our dealers,” says Mattias Ohde (CEO of SolunoBC)

The main reasons why Jonas Engelin accepted the position of partnership operations manager at Soluno are the company’s professionalism at both ownership and management levels, and that Uno and Solus, now Soluno, is one of the companies that has played a prominent role in changing and developing the industry and the Swedish market.

– “Soluno is undertaking an exciting journey which is seeing us expand in Sweden and internationally. I have also been following the company’s success for some time now and am very impressed by it. SolunoBC holds an interesting and unique position in the Swedish market with its operator-independent switchboard solution in the cloud. I believe it offers more unique services than its competitors and has excellent partnership operations and a company culture that feels right for me,” says Jonas Engelin.

Since the merger and with SEB as its new principal owner, Soluno’s rate of growth has greatly accelerated and it recently passed a milestone with 100,000 individual business users in a cloud-based communication environment. Jonas Engelin is enthusiastic about being part of this exciting development process. “By bringing a new pair of eyes to the partnership operations, we have the chance to shape and create the country’s most attractive partnership operations in the telecommunications industry.

– ”My focus has to be on understanding the business and processes, which will enable us to develop the organisation and working practices. In the near future, we’ll be launching one of the industry’s most user-friendly portals, which will further improve our structure and performance,” says Jonas Engelin.

For more details, please contact:
Joachim Brandt, CCO, +46 31 352 40 45,
Soluno Business Communications AB

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