Soluno’s Wholesale concept

Over the last few years, we at Soluno have worked hard to improve and strengthen our Wholesale concept, a job we are very proud of. But what does a wholesale partnership with Soluno include? Here I have written a quick introduction to what our offer looks like.


Soluno has been around since 2006 and was first out on the market with a carrier independent cloud based switch. Since then we have grown rapidly and now we have end users in more that 15 countries.

What does a typical Wholesale partner look like?

Our typical wholesale partner is usually a mobile carrier, a service provider or a company that work with integrations. In most cases, our wholesale partners have an existing customer base and uses the partnership with us to improve their existing portfolio or to move their traditional PBX-users into the cloud.

What are we offering?

Our telephony system is 100% pure cloud. Of course, we have the basic functionality when it comes to voice, messaging and presence and so on. Our product works on any device, mobile phone, softphone, IP-phone. And yes, we work with fixed telephony as well. The system works on all the big platforms, iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

But we also offer a broad portfolio when it comes to addons and integrations.

Some products we build our selves when we see a need for it and there is no existing solution on the market. Our service Who’s Calling is an example of that. The service compares the calling number to your customers CRM-system, before the call is answered. So, when the agent answers, they already have important information about the calling customer right in front of them.

But we are humble to the knowledge that you can’t be best at everything. So, if there is already an existing solution to a problem on the market, then we try to integrate with that solution instead. Today we have many important integrations in place, for example ticketing systems such as Zendesk or collaboration tools such as MS Teams and Slack.

Self-service and billing

Self-service is something that is becoming more and more important these days to keep customers happy. That is why we have built our own self-service portal to accommodate the users needs. Here admin users can add subscriptions, set up ACD groups, se PIN codes, send configuration texts, see data usage and much more. If you have a billing platform, of course you can use this, otherwise we can help you with that as well.

Use the branding you prefer

We offer a white label concept, you choose the branding you want. We can brand everything from our Softphone, mobile app, the addon services we offer and also our self-service portal.

Why choose Soluno?

When partnering up with Soluno, you get a complete product, ready to sell. Our powerful office phone system has proven itself, again and again. Our Time to Market model guarantees a controlled and effective roll out. Here we can provide solid guidelines and counsel surrounding everything from pricing, packaging, sales strategies and branding and so on. With Soluno, you can be up and running within 6 months, if you wish.

We provide our partners with continuous updates, support and training. As a Wholesale partner you will handle your first line support, but we are always there, ready to back you up when needed.

Are you interested in finding out more about our Wholesale offering? Just send us an email at and we will set up a call.

You can also read more about our concept here.

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